Sunday Forum: “Food Allergies Are Isolating”

Due to widespread Zoom outages, please join us for this rescheduled Forum next week, 5/24/20 @ 9;30 a.m. Thanks to our gracious facilitator and participants for giving Take-II a try!

Presented by Rachel Bevins

Food allergies can be very isolating – so much of our culture and community bonding is built around shared meals, including fundraising for worthy causes…by selling foods!  It seems as though the diagnoses of food allergies is on the rise and more and more people have begun to avoid potlucks and after-event lunches because it is just too challenging to participate. Is it possible to make community events with food more accessible? As a long time group and event organizer and a mom in a family of four (with four different sets of food sensitivities), I believe it is!

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