“Experiencing Black Kaleidoscope – the Art of Inclusion”

Presented by Mendel Williams
September 8, 2019

This week, Mendel Williams will facilitate a discussion on enjoying the journey of experiencing black kaleidoscope and becoming sensitive to what can help us in caring without self-importance or exploitation of people who are different from our cultural circle.

Mendel was born in London, England, the fourth daughter of Pentecostal, fundamentalist preachers. Homes in Whales, England, Canada, and the United States gave her keen observation skills and the ability to quickly assess and understand the nuances of being part of the world rather than be an island.

​Her talents include folk art, storytelling, workshop development and facilitation.
Performances include workshops at the Kennedy Center, National Theater, and the Smithsonian. Her artwork has been displayed in numerous venues in Hampton Roads.

Mendel’s work continuously makes commentary and bold statements about social justice, integrity and diversity, and she relies on creative problem solving to address issues and concerns that benefit from a courageous response and relevant ways to develop solutions. ​

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