Crossing the Road – Bridging the Divide

Hampton Mosque

The Mosque and Islamic Center of Hampton Roads - Site of the 7/23/17 pilgrimage initiated through reciprocal invitations by the UUFP Religious Education and Social Justice Committees and our welcoming Hampton host. [ALL PHOTOS, CLICK TO ENLARGE.]

"Why Did Jesus, Moses, the Buddha and Mohammed Cross the Road?" poses author Brian McLaren. "To get to 'the other.'"

And that is what was accomplished—in body, mind and spirit—when people of different faiths gathered recently in quest of education and mutual appreciation.

Hampton Mosque

An opportunity for revelation. Many listen intently as Dr. Noor shares about his spiritual home and heart.

Reciprocal invitations to each other's spiritual home resulted in 40-plus Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of the Peninsula members and friends visiting the Mosque and Islamic Center of Hampton Roads on July 23.Islamic Center Trustee Dr. Ahmed Noor delivered a comprehensive presentation on Islam, coupled by a tour of the worship area. In welcoming and open fashion, this previous UUFP Sunday Morning Forum guest speaker encouraged and deftly addressed questions from the keenly interested group.

Mosque clocks

Six prayer "clocks" in the mosque indicate the appropriate prayer times—five for the Fard prayers and one for Friday (Juma's). Friday is the weekly holy day in Islam.

architecture and artifacts

Architecture and artifacts render rich meaning. The mosque dome, called "qubba," in Arabic is a symbolic representation of the vault of heaven.



When we are willing to open our minds and extend ourselves to people of spiritual (and life) paths unlike our own, we "cross the road" into critical conversations able to foster good will, wisdom and a willingness to work together for the common good.


Open Doors, open minds...Dr. Nor eagerly and eloquently answered all questions from the guests.


May Life's altar be that of Love and Service.



In taking that first step of many, we discover that "other" has strength and purpose when it becomes "we" in the mission of building the beloved community. Motivated by renewed understanding, mutual respect and collaboration, baby steps develop into giant steps forward as we grow in wonder, connect in love, engage in service, and inspire generosity.

Let us not be "chicken to cross that road"…as there is Goodness waiting for us on the other side!


UUFP event coordinator Mason Moseley thanks tour guide Dr. Almed Noor for an enlightening presentation and the Center's gracious hospitality.


mosque final

A sacred moment.... No matter how we perceive "that which is greater than ourselves," may we journey in humility and respectful relationship with each other and all of Creation.


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