“A Local, Integrated Food System– ​Planting Seeds for a Sustainable Future”

Presented by Sam Markwith - May 7, 2017

Markwith Farms' overarching mission is to change the food system in the United States for good! Sam Markwith, Virginia Tech graduate and driving force behind the Gloucester-based farm, notes that our current carbon-emitting food system is focused on economies of scale, monocultures, and ease of operation with little regard for Mother Nature. What Markwith Farms proposes is the opposite—local, sustainable food provisions with the priority of protecting our Earth for future generations.

The Markwith Visionaries
Affirming the 7th UU Principle regarding respect for the interdependent web of all existence, come join us on May 7th to hear how Markwith Farms can inspire us in living out this value in our local communities and beyond.

The Markwith Visionaries

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