​”Kinship Patterns in the Book of Genesis”

On January 28, 2018, we welcomed Matt Thompson's return
to the Sunday Morning Forum​ to deliver Part III in his kinship series.


Post this wrap-up kinship segment, our Adult Religious Education team again received some affirming comments about Matt's trio presentation.

Zealous attendee Sarah Davis stated:

"Well I DID find it absolutely fascinating! In 50 years of reading the Bible, I never once paid attention to the familial relationships in all these stories. It did not register, although it was there for all to see, that Sarah was Abraham’s half sister; Abraham's brother Nahor married his niece Milcah; most of the marriages are between cousins or that women performed dastardly deeds to ensure that their offspring benefited over the offspring of their sister wives. I mean the whole thing is a study in the worst behavior and motives of human beings. It’s so rich! And Matt teased all that out of the dry words of these stories. It’s classic biblical exegesis of the very best kind."
Want to peruse some of the content we've covered about family dynamics and human relationship in the previous two kinship sessions? ​Check out the preview and the recap.

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