​”How to Talk With Someone Who Doesn’t Want to Listen”

Presented by Gary Ott & Kathryn Ozyurt
November 10, 2019

Gary and Kathryn will facilitate a practice (risk communication) session in four categories: 1) family, 2) neighbors, 3) potential new UUFP members, and 4) special needs children/adults. After an introduction to the risk communication basics, participants will be asked to join one of these groups. As a team, they will practice the basics (trust, perception of risk, mental noise, negative dominance, outrage), and then discuss their potential for increased communication success with their group.
​Gary retired as the Science Coordinator to the Coast Guard continues to support the Coast Guard in training for their senior executives. Gary also continues training children and some children and adults with special needs at the Peninsula Fine Arts Museum.

Kathryn is a longtime UU member and Cochairs the Adult Religious Education Committee with Gary.

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