​​”Understanding Self-Differentiation”

Presented by COM Team Members Scott Kasmire, Joanne Dingus, Connie Keller, April Kelsey
June 7, 2020


For a number of years, the UUA regional leadership training programs have focused on family systems theory and its application to congregational life. Central to these discussions is the idea of being a "self-differentiated" presence in the system. The Committee on Ministry would like to explore with you what that means in theory, what it looks like in practice, and why it is the essential starting point in maintaining a healthy congregation.

In lieu of biographies, you might say that the Committee on Ministry's purpose is to help maintain the overall health and spiritual well-being of the congregation. It consists of our two religious professionals and five other UUFP members appointed by the Policy Board, the minister, and the COM itself.

Respecting COVID guidelines, UUFP is extending invitation to our online Zoom-room forums via the emailed Weekend Reminder, UUFP Calendar and/or posts on this website. 

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