Staffing Transition News

“For all that is our life” by Rev. Andrew

I am happy to announce that, after extensive efforts by Personnel Committee chair Christine Woods, UUFP President Jim Sanderson and other members of the Personnel Committee, we have brought on board Nicole Monet Peterson as our new Office Assistant!

Nicole has an AAS in Business, and is currently working on her BA in Business Administration. She has worked as a Presbyterian Church Office Administrator, a Mental Health/Intellectual Disability Clinic Office Administrator, and a Financial Aid Advisor. Nicole has over fourteen years of administrative experience and enjoys the field with great passion. Recently, she has begun the process of building a start-up company, An International Creation, LLC, which encompasses products and services in Visual and Performing Arts, as well as scholarship opportunities for single parents or their children. Nicole is also a mother and a great cook, and she loves music.

Nicole’s office hours are 9am to 2pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays and she can be reached via e-mail to (All processes for reserving rooms, submitting announcements, requesting reimbursements, etc. continue to be the same as well, but please send Nicole an e-mail or call the office if you have any questions.) If you’re stopping by the office during those times, please do introduce yourself to Nicole and welcome her to the UUFP! We also plan to introduce her at Sunday services in the near future.

I am grateful to Christine and to Jim for the countless hours they have put into combing through resumes and conducting interviews over the last six weeks, and I am particularly grateful to Rosalind Deschane-Reed for her graceful willingness to stay on as Office Assistant and train Nicole for the position. Rosalind’s last day in the office will be May 10th, so please take the opportunity to thank her for her time with us and for helping to make this transition as smooth as possible.

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