“Sharing Our Journeys of Self-Understanding”

Parker Stokes

I’ve always felt that my religious views are out of the American mainstream, and I’ve been looking my whole life for connection with people like you who share a similar view of the world and religion.  I like this place so much I have joined it twice.

Fellowship Circles provide me the opportunity to share and grow and to get to know some of you in more depth than is available in the few minutes of Sunday’s coffee hour.

Over the last ten years, I’ve been in five Circles with at least twenty-five new people to get to know. At my Circle meetings I’m engaged with a series of new questions, which in order to answer, require me to look deeper inside myself than I am normally prone to do.

Our meetings are special to me and I cherish them by keeping most of the agendas in my Circle notebook. To provide some examples, here are a few of the questions we have used recently to focus our discussions:

  • Tell about a time when water, a river, rain or the sea changed something important for you.
  • Who or what made you feel like you belonged when you were 13 years old?
  • Tell me about a time you made the best of a bad situation.
  • What role have activities around the dining room table played in your life?

I know this introspection is good for me, and when others in my circle also share their look inside; the whole Circle is drawn closer and grows in depth, understanding and friendship. This is such a positive experience, that I keep coming back, even when other competing activities may sometimes beckon for my attention.

Most of the Fellowship Circles meet every two weeks, sometimes at the Fellowship and occasionally in each other’s homes.  We frequently volunteer to create our own topics and presentations, and for those volunteers who wish to do this, the growth and experience is even greater.

I hope you will consider joining me in a Fellowship Circle so we can share our journey of spiritual and self-understanding.

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