Services for October 2022

This is our “Year of Living Covenantally”
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Soul Matters theme: Courage

Sunday Services take place at 11:00 a.m. in the Sanctuary.  You can also connect via Zoom at or telephone to 646-876-9923 (Meeting ID: 920 676 087).  Children’s RE and the Forum* both take place at 9:30 a.m. so that families can attend the service together. Nursery care will be available throughout. [*NOTE: Starting 10/23/22, Forum will resume meeting in the UUFP Office Building.]


The Rev. Andrew Clive Millard

October 2nd: “We Can Do Hard Things”

There’s no doubt that the last few years have been challenging, but we’ve come through with resilience, imagination and confidence in our shared future!  Now we’re making the most of our ability to do hard things by recreating beloved programs, rebuilding our in-person engagement, and rediscovering community in a post-pandemic world.

This Service will take place live in the UUFP’s Sanctuary, at the Jamestown 4H Center and on Zoom!  Join us from wherever you are!

October 9th: “Environmental Justice: Where We Are and Where We Hope to Be”

Sometimes, taking stock of the state of the natural world can be disheartening. We hear on the news about the climate crisis, rising temperatures and sea levels, and injustices, local and worldwide. When we think about environmental justice, it’s important to both think of where we are and to look beyond into where we hope to be. How can our actions today, together and with God, move us toward that hopeful future?

Jonathan Rigby is Faith Outreach Coordinator for Virginia Interfaith Power and Light.  After graduation from William and Mary, Jon was called to the intersection of faith and climate justice during a year with the Episcopal Service Corps, witnessing the impact of Hurricane Matthew on communities across the state.  Jon received joint Master’s Degrees in Environmental Science and Divinity from Yale University, where he was heavily involved in street tree planting, community greening initiatives, and coordinating with faith communities to plant gardens on their campuses.  Jon lives in Richmond with his wife and their Siamese cat.

Saturday, October 15th at 6pm; Memorial Serive for Larry Campbell


October 16th: “Accountability and a Healing Journey”

In a world where most of our institutions model systems of retribution and punishment, how do we instead cultivate models of accountability and restoration?  This Service will explore what it means to be accountable to ourselves and to others through the story of one person’s journey of healing.

Dr. Elizabeth Groeneveld is a member of the Coastal Virginia UUs in Virginia Beach.  Liz is an Associate Professor and Chair of Women’s Studies at Old Dominion University.  Her research in the area of feminist media studies explores third- and post-wave feminist publishing, specifically zines and magazines.

October 23rd: “A Matter of Life and Breath”

It’s Time to Act!  Climate scientists have made clear the urgency to act on global climate change now.  Our window to prevent world-wide irreversible damage is swiftly closing.  This is our kairos moment.  It is the right time, and, for people of faith, it is our time to prioritize our traditions’ religious teachings and care for the Earth and our neighbors.

October 30th “Hallowing Our Ancestors”

Many religious traditions have special occasions, feasts or practices to remember and revere family and spiritual ancestors.  With Hallowe’en followed by All Saints’ Day and then All Souls’ Day this week, let’s take the opportunity to honor our own forebears.  

Please bring to the Service a picture of one of your ancestors, whether a person from whom you are descended or a Unitarian/Universalist whose story has inspired you.

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