Soul Matters theme: Holding History

Unless otherwise noted, services are led by the Rev. Andrew Clive Millard and take place at 11am on Sundays per the UUFP’s phased plan for resuming in-person programing. You can connect via Zoom at, or you can dial-in to 646-876-9923 (Meeting ID: 920 676 087).



November 7th: “Gods and Salvation and Afterlives, Oh My!”

Most people expect quite reasonably that every religion has something to say about certain common theological matters, and Unitarian Universalism does not get a pass on that.  Indeed, both halves of our faith tradition came into being thanks to their active engagement with basic questions of divinity, mortality, ultimacy and destiny.

November 14th: “Called to Celebrate”

Let’s celebrate the conclusion of our once-in-a-lifetime Capital Campaign in support of our Vision for the UUFP!  We are joyfully on our way to a bigger and brighter future of practicing community as deeply and thoroughly as we can, both within and beyond our walls, and sharing the good news of a liberal faith that can save the world.


November 21st: “ Náivichi : A Story of Self-Discovery ”

As you may recall from last November’s service, “Survival and Healing in the Red-Black Tradition”, the Weyanoke Association strives to preserve and celebrate the culture of people who have both Red (Native American) and Black (African and/or African American) ancestors.  Co-founder Anita Harrell has written a children’s story, Náivichi, about a girl who becomes aware of her Native American heritage.  We’ll hear the story and discuss the values that led Anita to write it.  We’ll also talk about her relationship to her own Red-Black heritage.  Finally, we’ll discuss Black and Native American perspectives on American history and hear Anita’s reflections on Thanksgiving.

Anita Harrell is co-founder of the Weyanoke Association with her late husband, Hugh Harrell.  Anita is also a founding member of the group Legacy of Weyanoke, a professional a cappella vocal and storytelling ensemble, and a member of Eastern Sky Native American Drum, an intertribal powwow drum group.  She is a retired librarian and, now, an author with the publication of Náivichi.

November 28th: “Waiting for Christmas (Cookies)”

Advent Sunday marks the beginning of a season of waiting for Christmas to come, but waiting can be hard!  Let’s light the Candle of Hope to guide us into this season and, through storytelling, wondering, exploring and sharing, let’s talk about what it’s like to wait, whether that’s for quality time with family and friends or for cookies!