Soul Matters Theme: Renewal

Sunday Services take place in person at 11am in the Sanctuary.  You can also connect via NEW LINK or NEW NUMBER +1-646-558-8656 with Meeting ID 925 7319 2997. Please note that the Zoom information has changed!

Rev. Michael Burnett, our sabbatical minister until August 31, 2024.

June 2: "Rest and Renewal"

We’ve gotten fairly accustomed to momentum keeping us going. As one committee meeting closes, we head to the next; as one project finishes, another starts; as we close on one building, we prepare to sell another. Momentum can be a good way to keep going mechanically, but eventually all living, thinking, feeling beings need to rest. As we take stock of all we have accomplished, individually and as a congregation, over the last year and beyond; and as we prepare to take on the next stack of projects and challenges that lie ahead of us – let’s do ourselves a favor and take a breath. We need it. And we just may find that taking a break to “sharpen the saw” makes us more effective in the next season of our undertakings!

June 9: "Special Sunday — Flower Communion!"

This Sunday, we will have our annual Flower Communion celebration! It will also be the ChorUUs’s last service before their Summer break. Preaching will be light this Sunday as we largely let the festivities speak for themselves. Bring the whole family!

June 16: "What Keeps Your Fire Burning?"

The work of world-improving, especially as it intersects fighting against injustice and confronting the evils of the world, is not easy—and it can take a heavy toll of us if we let it. This Sunday, we’ll look at how we can blend our talents and our joys with our calling to work for Justice in life-giving ways that might help stave off the dread and fatigue endemic to moral-arc-bending.

June 23: "Gender is a Universe"

(Rev. Michael off; Queer Justice Team hosts service)

Join us as we explore “Gender is a Universe.”  This expansive concept recognizes gender as a complex and multidimensional space, much like the cosmos. It suggests that gender goes beyond the binary of male and female, encompassing a diverse spectrum of identities and expressions that reflect the unique experiences and self-understandings of individuals. We honor those who navigate the constellations of pronouns, traverse orbits of discovery, and chart courses through uncharted galaxies. This perspective encourages us to view gender as a personal journey of discovery, where each person navigates their own path in the vastness of gender possibilities, free from societal constraints and predefined categories.

June 30: "Everything Changes, Even Church!"

Before long, church is going to look a lot different for us. We’ll be meeting in a new sanctuary, in a new building in a new neighborhood. Some of our décor will come with us, but it will hang in different places and be lit differently; we may use the same coffee mugs and plates, but they’ll be stored in different cabinets. We’ll all have to find a new regular parking spot and a new unofficially-official place to sit every Sunday. Maybe—hopefully!—we’ll see plenty of new faces and hear plenty of new voices, too. But the fact is, nothing is going to stay exactly as it has been; and as much as we’re looking forward to the move and the possibilities waiting for us in our new ministry context, it’s not easy to let go of what has been familiar, safe, comforting, and stable for us. This Sunday, the last Sunday of “Renewal,” we’ll face the difficulties of renewal and prepare to bid farewell to the old as we prepare for the new.