Services for June 2021

Services for June 2021

Soul Matters theme: Play

Unless otherwise noted, services include sermons preached by the Rev. Andrew Clive Millard and take place on Sundays at 11am via Zoom: or you can dial-in to 646-876-9923 (Meeting ID: 920 676 087)


June 6th: “ Love Your Enemy? Really?”

Unitarian Universalists often ask: Do I really have to love everybody? We can only do our best, of course, but our tradition teaches us that everyone is loved by a Love bigger than we are — even the people we might think deserve love the least.

The Rev. Laura Horton-Ludwig has served as minister of the Williamsburg Unitarian Universalists since 2017. She previously served with congregations in Wisconsin, Illinois, California and Northern Virginia. A graduate of our Meadville Lombard Theological School in Chicago, Rev. Laura is also a trained spiritual director. We welcome her to the Fellowship in her fourth pulpit swap with Rev. Andrew!

Rev. Laura Horton-Ludwig

June 13th: “At Play with God”

Religion is a serious business, they tell us, concerned with life and death and other great matters. Yes, religion does ask big questions, but must the answering of those questions always be such a serious undertaking? Could we learn again to play, not to be frivolous but to engage in an open-minded, wondering, expressive, spirit-filled playfulness?

June 20th: “Keys to the Kingdom”

A trip behind the scenes at Disney World reveals magical secrets. Seeing how the magic happens changes your appreciation of how much work and how many people it takes to run a Magic Kingdom! So, what about our UUFP Magic Kingdom? President Jim Sanderson shares some personal reflections on just how our magic happens at UUFP.

Jim Sanderson is a long-time Unitarian Universalist, now completing four years as the UUFP’s President. He has served as chair of the Sunday Services Committee, as Vice President and as a Fellowship Circle facilitator. Before joining the Fellowship, Jim was the minister of the Jenkins UU Fellowship in Petersburg and served as chair of the Religious Education Committee at First UU in Richmond.


June 27th: "I Believe ...”

This Spring, a number of us explored “Spiritual Language and Spiritual Translation”, a new program created by Rev. Lisa Garcia-Sampson and Rev. AJ van Tine. We wrote short personal “credo” statements, describing what we believe about life, the Universe and everything, and learned to “translate” them between our own and other’s religious languages. Rev. Andrew and some of the program’s participants will share their credos and reflect on what it was like to engage in this intra-religious dialogue.

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