Soul Matters Theme: Interdependence

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Rev. Michael Burnett, our sabbatical minister until August 31, 2024.
The Rev. Michael D. Burnett, Sabbatical Minister, March 1 – August 31, 2024

April 7: "(Re-)Emergence: A Congregation Looks Ahead to New Life Together"

The perennial transition from Winter into Spring reminds us of what it means to emerge into a renewed sense of life — abundant life that takes on new and exciting forms not known to us before. We have known what it means to retreat, metamorphose, and re-emerge transformed as a congregation; in fact, we may still feel like we’re “stretching our legs” after nearly two years of COVID-induced dormancy. Yet now we stand on the precipice of another transformation, as we draw closer to voting on the purchase of a new building full of potential for ministries we’ve never even considered. Change can be scary! But what awaits us on the other side of the unknown is beautiful, powerful, and full of possibility.

April 14: "Unraveling the Gordian Knot of Injustice: Intersectionally, Interpersonally, and Individually"

The sheer scope of the injustice endemic to our society can be overwhelming. It can feel impossible to know where to start, and futile to even begin. But we each have a unique set of gifts and talents that can contribute to the ongoing work of “[bending] the moral arc of the universe… toward justice,” and each of us working in our own capacity really will make a difference, even if we don’t necessarily see it now.

April 21: "One Planet Earth, One Human Family"

The more we learn about the environment of our planet, the less able we are to deny that the actions of each individual and each group affects the whole of humanity in real, demonstrable ways. Our shared existence as a global population provides a beautiful and nearly-undeniable illustration of the principle of Interdependence, and a clarion call to critically assess the ways in which we interact with Earth, both as individuals and as societies.

April 28: "Count Me In" (or, "The Pope, Madonna, and Me")

(Rev. Michael off; Steve Kadar presiding)

The vast majority of Unitarian Universalists come to us from other faith  backgrounds and experiences. For some, the journey is a bit more complicated and surprising than others. Join Steve Kadar as he shares his story of how he became a UU, and his experiences with three very different UU congregations in Virginia.

Steve Kadar is a Senior Planner for the Naval Facilities Engineering Systems Command Mid-Atlantic (NAVFAC MidLant) Public Works Department (PWD), Portsmouth, located at the Norfolk Naval Shipyard in Portsmouth, VA. He has been an active member of UUFP since 2006 serving on a variety of committees (as both a member and committee chair), including as a member at large on the Policy Board. He currently serves on the Membership Committee and the Planning Committee / Real Estate Task Force and recently joined the Queer Justice Team to support their efforts.

Steve Kadar