September Policy Board Update


A Message from our President,
Jim Sanderson

Jim Sanderson


Well it is the end of September, so here is an update on some recent Board Activities. Before our first meeting the Board found itself in a perilous situation, locked into a room with only our wits and some very ambiguous clues. We managed to escape in the nick of time. It was a fun and enlightening bonding experience at Escape on Victory Blvd. The annual Board retreat followed a few weeks later, on August 19, at the Williamsburg church.

Over the course of our monthly meetings we have accomplished some important work. The Board has directed that the Social Justice Committee include PORT and St. Paul’s Fridays as part of their regular budget next year. Social Justice was happy to do this. These commitments are important parts of our ministry to the community and should be
included in the Fellowship’s regular budget. We will also add a new line to next year’s budget “Board’s Discretionary Fund” which will be earmarked for providing recognition to members who perform outstanding services to the Fellowship. (2018 Budget)

The Board has also created templates for Committee Charters to make it easier for both Board and Policy Programs to complete these. (Template will be made available soon) We have adopted a procedure for the creation of Special Task Forces of the Board and reporting procedure. Task Forces will be formed to consider specific issues and make recommendations to the Board. Currently we have three operating task forces that will now come under this policy: Safety, Sunday Hours Review and Sabbatical. A new task force is being created to work on Archiving the Fellowship’s documents and records.

A new Child Care Policy and Procedure has been approved to ensure quality care for children at Fellowship Events. The Child Care Policy Team Alicia Hofler, Joanne Dingus, Allison Black, Christine Woods, and Jeff Hinkley worked very diligently on this issue.

Board Members are continuing to serve as liaisons to the Ministries of the Program Council and as Board Member on Call on Sundays as well as frequently serving as Lay Leaders during services.

Christine Woods has been asked to initiate the search for a new Office Assistant and is well into the process. We hope to hold interviews immediately upon Andrew’s return from Sabbatical. In the meantime, the Board thanks all those who have stepped in to see that things get done. Thanks to Gayle Phillips and Donna Carter for staffing the office, to the Communications and Sunday Services Committee for picking up some additional tasks and to Joanne Dingus for all her work and supporting cheer and to everyone else who is helping out!​

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