Remembering Our History, Telling Our Story

“For all that is our life” by Rev. Andrew

What do you remember of life and events at our Fellowship over the last sixty years?

As we prepare to celebrate the UUFP’s Diamond Anniversary next month, you are invited to help us build up a timeline of significant points in the congregation’s history. On the back wall of the Sanctuary, there are large sheets of paper labeled by decade. On Sunday mornings or any other time you’re in the building, you are welcome to add a note of what you remember, whether it’s from the last ten years or going all the way back to our chartering in 1958. (Though the paper is supposed to resist ink bleeding through, we have markers with washable ink, just in case!)

As for the celebrations themselves, don’t forget to mark your calendars for May 12th and 13th! We’re inviting all members and friends both past and present to join us for food, fun and fellowship!

When: Saturday May 12th, 6pm-10pm; Sunday May 13th, at 9:30am and 11:15am services

Where: UUFP Sanctuary Building (415 Young’s Mill Lane, Newport News)

What to bring: yourself — you are our special guest for the celebration!

What to wear: what about an outfit that represents the decade you began coming to the Fellowship?

What activities are planned? On Saturday, there’ll be a potluck featuring food and music of the last sixty years. (Potluck sign-up sheets are posted in the Sanctuary Building.) On Sunday, past Presidents will be recognized at the celebration. And for children and youth especially, bring something to put in the time capsule that represents the current time period.

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Nan Procyson4/14/2018 09:30:50 am
I’m having trouble locating Edward L. Chambers – he was President during the fire. The last I heard he had retired from a law practice in Williamsburg. I contacted that law office, gave them some information and they said one of their present lawyers would contact him and then I would be contacted. So far, I have heard nothing. I have limited computer skills, but maybe somebody can help track him down. Maybe somebody in our community knows how I can contact him……?