RE-Gifting the RE-Gift Store

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For the last few years we have created a RE-Gift Store at our December Festival of the Season. Basically, the RE Committee collects gently used items from our members that would make welcome gifts for someone new. We arrange them on tables in the library during the festival, and kids get a chance to pick out gifts for their family and friends.

Last year, I brought the leftovers from our store to the Boys and Girls Club. It was such a hit that I decided to do it again this year. Because we had a couple of weeks between the festival and the date that I arranged to bring things to the club, I put out a new request for items to replenish the store. Many people responded, and I ended up with three large boxes of gifts for the event.

As soon as I arrived, a group of kids came over to my car and helped carry everything inside. I began to set things out onto the tables, and three teens jumped right in to help arrange things in a nice display. When it was time to let the kids start shopping, the teens also organized that, bringing a few kids over from the gym at a time. They were also very helpful in working with the younger kids to wrap up the presents.

I brought six dozen sugar cookies and three dozen Reindeer candy canes, and miraculously, all of them were gone by the end of the night. In fact, just about all of the items in the RE-Gift Store were taken as well. Each child had several gifts to give to their family. There were a lot of smiling faces when I left and lots of thank yous, too. I’d like to say thank you as well to all the people at the Fellowship who donated items for the store. Your generosity really made this a successful event.

I have learned that Lisa and Jonathan who I have worked with at the Club will be leaving and that there will be a new director in the new year. I hope we will be able to continue our connection with the club and bring the store back again next year.

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Lehni Lebert12/30/2017 11:20:33 am

Maria Cory12/30/2017 11:25:43 am
Thanks, Joanne, for helping lead the way for youth and adults alike in living out our mission statement!

Connie Kellerlink12/30/2017 12:13:48 pm
Glad we are continuing to extend our helping hands to our neighbor.

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