Rachel’s Testimonial Voting In Favor Of The Proposed 8th Principle

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I will be voting "yes" on the proposed 8th Principle. I was originally confused about this. Why do we need something that calls out racism when we already seem to address it in the other 7 principles? What about all the other issues which we are not specifically calling out?

I now realize that was my white privilege showing. I have been very fortunate to surround myself with people who could afford the luxury of inclusivity. Yes, that is what I meant. Inclusivity is a luxury that not everyone has been allowed. That became very clear to me as I have watched the Black Lives Matter movement progress. As I have heard privileged people tell me that BLM is frivolous or unnecessary because "all lives matter," I came to see that we really don't all have the same definition of "all."

By uniting as UUs to acknowledge and call out systemic racism, we become a powerhouse of community that shows that we are aware of the injustices in the world, and we want to do something about them. We recognize that the proposed 8th Principle is just one small step towards dismantling centuries of oppression building. Those of us with white privilege need to use it to to support those who have been marginalized.

Voting "yes" is just one step in the call to action that our values promote. It is a step towards acknowledging so very much more. This is not about arguing semantics. It is about Principle. It is about intention. It is about uniting together to show that we want to do better. This is our chance to show that we are all trying to learn, trying to understand, and trying to do better. We are living at a turning point in history, and we need to band together and show up. This matters. Please, vote "yes."

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