Meet Our Policy Board

"The right of conscience and the use of the democratic process within our congregations and in society at large"
– Fifth Principle of the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations

The Audit Committee is responsible for an annual audit of the financial books and records of the Fellowship. Review the Bylaws for more information.

The Committee on Ministry is committed to fostering the health and effectiveness of the Ministry of the Fellowship. Feel free to contact them at

The Finance Committee is responsible for the annual pledge drive (often referred to as "canvass"), for soliciting budget requests from all committees, and for coordinating sufficient fundraising activities to support the plans, priorities and policies established by the Policy Board.
Feel free to contact them at

The Leadership Development Committee cultivates members of UUFP to guide the Fellowship into the future.  To that end, it assists in training people for leadership roles; and​ elicits opinions from UUFP members about issues within the Fellowship that help or hinder UUFP's governance and mission.  At the Annual Membership Meeting the Leadership Development Committee nominates members for the policy board.  Members of the Leadership Development Committee themselves are also elected at the Annual Meeting. Feel free to contact them at
The Ministerial Search Committee is enacted in the event of a vacancy, or anticipated vacancy, in any position of settled Minister. Review the  Bylaws for more information.
The Personnel Committee is responsible for personnel recommendations (hiring, discipline, dismissal, compensation, and benefits), staff evaluations, and ensuring a fair and accurate personnel policy is in place. Review the Bylaws for more information.
The Planning Committee is entrusted to shape the purpose, mission and vision of the Fellowship. By working with the many committees throughout the UUFP they strive to steer the Fellowship towards their current and future vision. Feel free to contact them at
The Treasury Committee shall be responsible for the maintenance and dispersal of Fellowship funds and financial assets, excepting those administered directly by the Board of Trustees. The Treasury Committee shall keep accurate and current records of the Fellowship’s finances. Feel free to contact us at​.

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