Our Commitment Testimonial

Good morning.

I am Tara Joseph. I am Jay Joseph.

We have been attending UUFP for almost 17 years.

During that time I (Tara) have volunteered in a variety of areas including: Children’s RE, the annual Auction,  PORT, the Ministerial Intern Committee, and the Hospitality Lay Ministry.

I (Jay) serve on the Real Estate Task Force, and have previously served on the Personnel Committee and the Planning Committee. I have also helped with PORT, and Tara’s RE class.

We have been asked to give a commitment testimonial.

Our commitment to the UUFP Capital Campaign is a continuation of our spiritual journeys. Ours is a common story among UU’s. We came from a mainline traditional religion—in our case the Episcopal Church, which was falling short of our spiritual needs.

What we found here at UUFP was a liberal theology and the opportunity for continuous exploration and personal growth. We also found a welcoming congregation, engaging children’s programs, inspirational music, and thought-provoking sermons. In short, we found what we were seeking—a spiritual home.

Giving to this Capital Campaign ensures that this home will endure for us, and more importantly, it ensures that this opportunity will be available for others.

The UU experience is much needed in our community, our state, our country and, dare I say—our world. We cannot think of a better use for our personal resources than this Capital Campaign.

Thank you.


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