Where Words Fail...Music Speaks! –Hans Christian Anderson 

Music—a universal language—inspires us here at the UUFP! It is an integral part of Sunday Services and other special events of the church. Music and spirituality can be shared. They are in the heart and mind of the beholder.


The UUFP ChorUUs meets every Thursday from September through June. We rehearse from 7:00 – 8:30 p.m., and typically perform at Sunday morning service monthly.


We welcome singers of all abilities to join us—some of us read music well, and others learn their music by ear. For more information, email Contact: choruus@uufp.org.

The UUFP Winds is an instrumental group that plays for services several times a year. We’ve had many variations in instrumentation, including a flute choir, brass ensembles, and a rock band. We have had middle school students perform with professional musicians! If you are interested in participating in wind ensembles, please contact Contact: winds@uufp.org.winds@uufp.org.

The Women’s DrUUm Circle meets the fourth Saturday of the month, at 7:00 p.m., in UUFP Sanctuary building, but during COVID, please join us online. Women and their children are welcome. Visit: Joining a Group for details on the joyful gatherings!



A Core of Silence

A core of silence breathes beyond all words,
or else the words have little worth;
to “Heart” or “Soul” or “Spirit” it comes forth
(the words we name them matter not).

And half the music lies within the pause
between the arches of the heart;
the print upon the page means less than ink
unless the white and black both speak.

The “True Religion” gathers up its text:
“In the beginning was the Word.”
But I seek quietness behind that start
and name it nothing, much less “God."

Words & music: Jim Reilly
© 1986
Reprinted from Singing the Living Tradition, Hymn #286

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