Mission in Motion: “What the UUFP Mission Means to Me”

Grow in Wonder, Connect in Love,​ ​​Engage in Service, Inspire Generosity.

This mission of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of the Peninsula is manifested in many ways! We celebrate these positive experiences and thank those of you who are willing to share your story!

By Sandy Burkes-Campbell

This reflection was read aloud by its author from UUFP’s pulpit on Sunday, January 27, 2019.

My name is Sandy-Burkes Campbell, and I have been a member of this congregation for 26 years.

You have been hearing from other members of the congregation these past few weeks about how they have engaged with our Mission, which is to:
Grow in Wonder — Connect in Love — Engage in Service — Inspire Generosity​

Like many others, I found my way to Unitarian Universalism seeking religious education for my children. For over a decade I saw them grow in wonder in a welcoming community of supportive peers and adults, learning about what it means to be in community. For myself, the sermons and discussions here have helped me form my own world view and realize just how important liberal religion is to me, the Hampton roads community, and the world. This congregation is welcoming to those seeking to grow in wonder no matter who they are.

I have seen our members connect in love in many ways both in this building and in our community. I have witnessed love and support for our children as they grow into young adults, and support for members of all ages, as they seek a free and responsible search for truth and meaning. I have seen members visit the sick, bring meals to families with new babies, drive people to doctor’s appointments, clean our building when it flooded, and perhaps most importantly, make the coffee on Sunday mornings (yes that is an act of love in most UU congregations).

Very shortly after formally joining my first congregation in Savannah Georgia over 30 years ago, I realized that as UU’s we are called to engage in service in our home congregations, in our communities… and in the world. UUFP partners with other congregations in the community to help shelter the homeless in the winter and provide meals to those who need them in Newport News.

I have supported environmental justice both by participating in the March on Washington, helping to clean up the bay and working with local, national and worldwide organizations that protect our environment.

Here at home I have served on the board, on committees, helped with religious education, hospitality teams and currently serve as chair of the long range planning committee.

UUFP inspires generosity in many ways. Every year we support the efforts of the Unitarian Universalist Service committee about whose social justice work around the world Rev. Andrew recently spoke in his sermons. I give my money and time to support the mission of this fellowship to insure that we will exist into the future so that other families in Hampton Roads may benefit from liberal religion.

The goal of world community with peace, liberty and justice for all is possible with the generosity of the spirit, work and resources that we can provide. Our mission is based upon our values as a congregation and no doubt will guide our efforts into the future.

The mission enables a strong and vibrant ministry, religious education, thoughtful sermons that inspire us to action, social justice activities, safe spaces, good friends and much more.

May we continue to Grow in Wonder, Connect in Love, Engage in Service and Inspire Generosity.

Thank you!

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