Mission in Motion: “Some Feelings to Share”

Grow in Wonder, Connect in Love, ​Engage in Service, Inspire Generosity.
This mission of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of the Peninsula is manifested in many ways! We celebrate these positive experiences and thank those of you who are willing to share your story!

"Some Feelings to Share"
​By Julian Padowicz

My wife, Donna, and I have been members of this congregation some two and a half years, and I have just realized something.​

For the first eighty-five years of my life, I have believed that the word "love" can be applied properly to my feelings toward my wife; my children, grandchildren, and great-grands; my late parents; and a late aunt and uncle in whose home I spent much of my adolescence. I have accumulated numerous dear friends during my long lifetime for whom I have great affection, but the word "love" did not, properly, apply to those relationships.

I have exchanged guarded I love you's with dear friends on various occasions, usually when under the influence of spirits more earthy than ethereal and well aware that our enthusiastic over commitments to each other would wear off harmlessly with the evaporation of the spirits themselves.

During the past year or so, however, I have found myself in the company of various fellow church members, engaged in discussions of spirituality, emotions, impressions, gossip, or the usual banter that passes among people who are close, and I have been aware of an emotion I have not felt under these circumstances before.

I now recognize that feeling as an actual, unadulterated form of love. I find that I can apply the word "love" to how I feel about a number of the people I have come to know since moving here two years ago.

I consider this ability to be a gift in the same way that the ability to appreciate fine art and classical music are gifts. And I feel blessed.

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