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Engage in Service

Engage in Service

Our Minister is regularly called upon to provide services such as weddings and funerals for both members of the congregation and non-members. Such services are offered without charge to contributing members of the congregation. For non-members, a scale of minimum fees for professional services (as below) has been established by the Unitarian Universalist Ministers Association. For those who are not contributing members but who nonetheless have a history of association with the congregation, the recommended fees are halved. For further information, please contact:

Source: Unitarian Universalist Ministers Association

The following fees apply to non-members/non-contributors and to requests for service from those persons and congregations a Minister does not contractually serve:

  • WEDDING: $400; with rehearsal $450; alternatively, 10% of total wedding budget; plus current IRS mileage allowance;
  • FUNERAL, MEMORIAL SERVICE OR OTHER RITES OF PASSAGE: $250; with committal or eulogy $300; plus current IRS mileage allowance;
  • SERMON, WORSHIP SERVICE: $250 (one service); $300 (two services); $350 (three services); plus current IRS mileage allowance;
  • OTHER PROGRAM SERVICES: $75 per hour of presentation, plus current IRS mileage allowance;
  • WORKSHOP: $250 for half day; $400 full day plus current IRS mileage allowance.

All fees for services and other honoraria go to the Minister’s professional expenses.
As such, checks should be made payable to the Minister, by name, not to the Fellowship.

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