Pathway to Membership

Welcome to the Fellowship!


What Does it Mean to be a Member of UUFP?

Membership may have differenct meanings for different people. For some it may be a way of outwardly acknowledging an inward commitment to our religion, Unitarian Universalisam. It may mean your membership signifies recognition that you have found a spiritual home. It may mean that you are choosing to become a member because you like the support and religious education that you and your family are receiving here, you are inspired by the social justice programs we are creating here, making a positive impact on our world.

It is likely that the meaning of membership will change and expand over the years.

Grateful for our welcoming community of faith!


Paths to Membership

We invite you to explore these paths to membership at the Fellowship:

  • Attend worship services and participate in congregational activities.
  • Attend our Pathways to Membership class (which will be announced via our publications).
  • Consider carefully your commitment.
  • Sign our Membership Book.

New Member Recognition: During our regular worship service, you and other new members will be officially welcomed into the church. The ceremony is simple (and participation is optional) but an important ritual in our community.

Flower Communion

Out of the mouths of babes! Thanks to DRE Joanne Dingus, the wit and wisdom received during "Children's Focus" storytime is as much for the entire congregation as it is for our children! (Click to enlarge)

Expectations of Membership – Living Our Values

As UUFP members, each of us is asked the following as we work toward living out the values in our mission:

Grow in Wonder, Connect in Love, Engage in Service, Inspire Generosity!

  • Presence/“Grow in Wonder” by participating, as able, in church activities such as worship, education and other opportunities that expand our minds and hearts.
  • Participation/”Connect in Love” by sharing light and joy with each other.  Become involved in the life of our community in ways that grow your soul. All members are asked to serve on one of the hospitality teams, which alternate in assisting with Sunday Services by greeting visitors, ushering, providing refreshments and clean up.
  • Pledging/”Engage in Service” by offering time, talents and resources to support our UU community and beyond. Members make and pay an annual pledge of financial support.
  • Pass it on/”Inspire Generosity” by sharing with others, in word and in deed, what your spiritual community and liberal faith mean to you.

"Generosity is an activity that loosens us up. By offering whatever we can—a dollar, a flower, a word of encouragement—we are training in letting go.” -Pema Chodron

Our Membership Committee offers a variety of programs and activities for the Fellowship. Exploring them grows our sense of community and belonging. Welcome to all! Learn more about the following (and other) opportunities by visiting Joining a Group – These Are My People!

Soup Socials
Second Sunday Lunch
Game Night

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