May 7, 2017: Growing a Greener Future


“It is estimated that a dinner plate of only five ingredients has about 2000 food miles associated with it. This equates to if there was a farm next door to your house that grew everything you needed for the week, but you flew completely around the earth and back to get your produce!” -Sam Markwith

Rooted in life’s most important values, budding entrepreneur Sam Markwith shared his personal and professional passion with Sunday Morning Forum attendees on May 7th. This industrious visionary, with the support of team-family, founded Gloucester-based Markwith Farms in 2015 with the mission of providing a local, integrated, sustainable food system, while simultaneously protecting the Earth for future generations. With health, sustainability and harmony with Nature and community as guiding principles, Markwith Farms is motivated to collectively reducing the carbon footprint on Mother Earth. As UU’s affirming the respect for the interdependent web of all existence, we can especially appreciate this environmental initiative!

With Sam’s pursuit of knowledge, unwavering fortitude and love of humanity and our earthly abode, his dreams are giving birth to fruit, and his strategic plans reach far beyond just the neighborhood farm. The foundation, heart and ongoing mission-journey of Sam and Markwith Farms are commendable and invigorating!

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