May 28, 2017: A Mosaic in the Making


What pleases your palate?

Is it the American “melting pot” representing heterogeneous cultures blending together to form a singular, homogeneous society, or the “salad bowl” metaphor denoting the integration of many different cultures, each retaining its unique characteristics, yet combining to create a more robust whole?

As we contemplate the evolution of multiculturalism, Sunday Morning Forum warmly welcomed the return of beloved Reverend Jennifer Ryu, who shared her journey regarding immigrating to and “Being Asian in America.”

Pastor Jennifer’s story about her Korean emigration is a poignant reminder of various cultures fleeing the unbearable oppression of their native lands, with the hope of finding freedom, opportunity and a better way of life in America. Yet, the perception of immigrants as perpetual foreigners continues to challenge fluid assimilation into this country.

Jennifer declares great faith in American democracy even though political climates and exclusionary mindsets have often been disparagers of hope. Despite partisan platforms, this persevering optimist remains a beacon of light for multiculturalism being realized in the United States.

The daunting struggle of forging a path in a new homeland remains an impetus for impassioning Jennifer to love the marginalized and rally for social justice! Serving in, with, and through congregations and community, she exudes a mosaic of holy gifts. Grateful for her model of and mentorship towards a global mosaic of mutual respect and sacred security, let us embrace a spirit creating a country and a world of equality and peaceful co-existence!