May 14, 2017: Discovering New Land

Thanks to our fearless captain, Adult RE Chair Kathryn Ozyurt, for guiding Sunday Morning Forum seafaring friends, as we dove into the history and meaning behind Noah's Ark.  Whether factual or metaphorical, catastrophic flood/ark reports pervading a myriad of cultures throughout thousands of years suggest a moral is to be derived from these infamous stories. (Reference accompanying photo.)

"Humanity has a need to explain what happens" [with miraculous/mystical events], comments one participant.  "We want to see and interpret things in a way we can understand them," notes Facilitator Ms. Noah.

Diving deeply in an ocean of fascinating topics is what you will find at Sunday Morning Forums.*  Come board the boat, and you will be certain to discover new land!

Look closely at these maritime mates for the Captain of the boat! 😉 [Click to enlarge.]

A boat and a buoy…here are a few life-saving tips to help navigate the waves of life! [Click to enlarge.]

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