March 5, 2017: Can’t Judge a Book by its Cover!

Ken Goodrich's relaxed posture during much of Sunday Morning's Forum was no indication of the tone of the class discussion!  Demonstrating "it's easy to miss something we're not looking for," our facilitator initiated the first of a two-part session on "SEARCHING FOR TRUTH AND MEANING IN THE AGE OF INTERNET, SOCIAL MEDIA, ALTERNATIVE FACTS AND FAKE NEWS."

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While affirming the 4th Principle of Unitarian Universalism in an age of information overload, how do we select what information to believe, and when does "knowing" reality really matter? With Self-Investigation case studies and Confirmation Biases awareness among some of the practical tools explored, let's see how well "students" were listening when we return next week (3/12) with our completed "homework assignment"!  Kudos on the class, Ken!

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