Make Free Contributions to UUFP!


Hey, Fellow UUFPers!

Are you, like me, wondering about how you can help to fill the coffers at our beloved UUFP? Times are strange and times are hard for many of us, so what can we do to help that is easy and affordable (aka FREE)? Answer: Kroger Community Rewards program!

If you’re going in person to Kroger to shop, just go to their Customer Service desk, and tell them that you want to sign up for the Kroger Community Rewards program and that you’d like the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of the Peninsula (#94749) to be the faith-based organization you wish to support. If you techies prefer the online approach and/or are already a Kroger online shopper, you can find the rewards program at the bottom of Kroger's homepage.  The Kroger Community Rewards link has instructions to walk you through the steps to sign up. (You'll also learn about the program's added purchase discounts and weekly free products!)

Confession: I just recently signed up with the Kroger Community Rewards program myself. Let’s all sign up. With every trip to the grocery, either real or virtual, we can then have Kroger make a little contribution on our behalf to the UUFP! If we all do it, it all adds up to be a meaningful gift—helping to keep our virtual lights on and our virtual doors open!

Want to review this Kroger Rewards opportunity and other NO-COST ways to support the UUFP?  Why not check out our new UUFP website's Fundraising Programs & Events via the button below?!

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