June 18, 2017: Presence with a Purpose

Throughout our lives, the seemingly unanswerable human question arises: “What is the ‘meaning’ of life?” Some ponder…what if life has no meaning; it just IS. The question then evolves: “What is our ‘purpose’ in life?” Each of us makes that determination for ourselves.

Sunday Morning Forum Founder Bob Smith helped the class contemplate these age-old questions. Regardless of one’s convictions about our earthly existence and purpose, the following illustration is worthy of our reflection.

“The droplets of a waterfall exists briefly during the moment of its fall and then disappears. Its beauty is not what it was or what it will be but what it is during the brief moment of its fall. And so it is with life. We can create heaven on earth. Life is here, and now is the time to appreciate it. And if there is more to come, we can appreciate it then.” –The Real Meaning of Life, Compiled by Isaac Suh