June 11, 2017: “The Tender Gravity of Kindness”

“Before you know what kindness really is you must lose things….” So writes poet Naomi Shihab Nye in the poem, "Kindness," shared by Sudhana Forest Project Director Michael Roy at this week's Sunday Morning Forum.

At Sadhana Forest, in the small township of Auroville, located in Tamil Nadu, South India, a canopy of kindness and compassion is being created! A "graduate" of our own UUFP RE and a myriad of other academic and life accomplishments, Mike delivered a compelling account of his work in the ecological restoration project. Targeting reforestation and water conservation in this experimental, international township, this nonprofit strives to teach local citizens and volunteers about environmental renewal and low-impact, sustainable living.

The original Sanskrit root of "Sadhana" refers to "the path of an arrow going towards its target," notes Mike. Its definition evolved to convey a spiritual practice or discipline leading toward a goal. In Sadhana Forest, this means "living according to intention rather than convention," Mike expounds.

The project is so much more than reforesting the region with its nearly extinct, indigenous Tropical Dry Evergreen Forest (TDEF). This humanitarian effort and ecological revival is an amazing and humbling mission about self-sacrifice, loving outreach, unity in comm-unity and care for all Creation—present and future.

With Sadhana Forest, "everything you do is part of living compassionately and doing service," states this dedicated volunteer director. "When people communicate their passion and commitment toward a goal or ideal, they become one with the ideal. The result of doing all these [environmentally-ecologically-spiritually conscious] things together everyday builds a community open to all people all over the world. A lot of connections are forged here. Training people charges them up to go out into the world….with kindness as the compass needle in our lives."

Ahhh, "the tender gravity of kindness.” Indeed—Mike Roy is serving as a conduit for Kindness and positive change!

[To learn more about Sadhana Forest and this selfless, industrious, young man making a global impact for future generations, visit: visit: UUFP eFlame-Mike Roy, ThreeRuleRide.com and Sadhana Forest.]

Are we willing to give up our creature comforts for the betterment of the planet? Project Director Mike Roy demonstrates one of the transformational techniques that are a way of life for those who visit or reside in the Sadhana Forest community.

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