January RE News – Caring for our Kids, raises Kids who Care!

By Joanne Dingus,
Director of Religious Education


Kids Day In has been going strong!

As you may remember, this program was launched in October 2018 after receiving a grant from the Endowment Fund. Once a month, children ages 4 – 12 have been coming to the Fellowship for crafts and games on a Sunday afternoon. The children are having a great time socializing together while their parents take a little time off for themselves. We have been intentional about making this time open to children of all abilities, encouraging families with children on the Autism or sensory spectrums to participate fully. We have also invited older youth to come help out, earning volunteer hours.

The initial funding will be running out in February.  I intend to ask the Board to transfer unused Childcare contingency or Nursery care money to cover this program until the end of the year.  I would ask the congregation to vote to support funding a budget for this program for next year.  It is really serving a need for our families.

It is that time of year to make care packages to send to our college students and deployed military members. We might think about adding care packages for folks affected by the Government Shutdown this year as well. If you would like to donate packaged snacks, toiletry items, gift cards, etc., please bring them to the Fellowship between now and February 10. We also need names and mailing addresses of people to send them to.

Thanks in advance for showing you care!
See you in the RE!

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