It’s Not About Me

This reflection was read aloud by its author from UUFP’s pulpit on Sunday, February 18, 2018.
Here at the UUFP I am on your Membership committee, Tidewater Cluster committee, and Leadership Development committee. I also help organize and facilitate the twice a year meals and overnight shelter staffing for the homeless that the UUFP does for PORT (People Offering Resources Together). ​
I was asked to give a testimonial on what the UUFP means to me, what we do and what we are about, as I see us. As I took the time to think about this, it became clear to me that this place wasn’t just about ME anymore.

The ME that was looking for a comfortable place to explore spirituality… I found that here.

The ME that needed to feel safe in expressing my own soul’s thoughts and feelings… I got that here.

The ME that had mostly done the deeds of the Heart alone but found a Home where those things are meant to be done together.

Here. Now. In this place. With YOU people. With this family. It’s no longer just about me, doing, growing, and achieving. It is about US. My UUFP.

When just recently, my close friend tragically became a quadriplegic and I began to care for her, YOU, my family, cared for Me.

When the call went out for the Moral Mondays March in Raleigh, NC, and the Women’s March in DC, We were there in numbers and in spirit. I marched with family.

We, a primarily white congregation, listen, acknowledge, and most importantly, act in the face of the racial issues that impact this house, our religion, and our nation. Here, this isn’t MY problem. It’s Ours.

When twice a year starting on a Sunday afternoon--this last one being New Year’s Eve--and ending at 6:30 on a Monday morning, the Schillings and I ask for volunteers to do meal prep, cooling, serving, kitchen clean-up, guest check-in, logistics, storing personal items, issuing and collecting bedding, and making and feeding breakfast, You show up. I couldn’t do it alone. And I’ll never have to because of YOU.

At last year’s Tidewater Cluster gathering of seven UU churches of this region, the question was asked “Who has your back?” And the contemplated answer from Me​—this guy who almost never gets sick, always seems to be doing for other and seems to have way too much on his plate, was: My wife, my family, and YOU, the UUFP. Thank You!!
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