Inspiring Generosity

growing our faith through generosity

The UUFP would like to acknowledge a special donation the Fellowship has been able to use to support community groups doing good works.

The employer of one of our members supports a grant program and asks outstanding employees to nominate recipients who would then use the grant to support local groups. Our member nominated us, and we were chosen. We are most appreciative to the member (who wishes to remain anonymous) and the member’s employer for this opportunity.

The Board, at our August meeting, voted to distribute this grant as follows:
$300 to the Boys and Girls Club
$150 to Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Virginia
$150 to The Virginia Peninsula Food Bank
$150 to the Living Interfaith Network (LINK).

May this act of generosity inspire us all to give what we can, where we are, to those who we can help. May it also alert all of us to opportunities to help others be generous through us!
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Inspire Generosity​

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