By Jim Sanderson,
​UUFP President

The Fellowship maintains a Capital Fund which is a reserve of money that is used for improvements and major repairs to the campus and buildings. As we seek to develop our mission, the quality of our facilities will play a crucial role.

UUFP has reason to be deeply grateful to Richard Hudgins, who has made a major donation to the Capital Fund, a donation that is allowing the Board and Building Committee to move forward on replacing worn and damaged sections of the Sanctuary Building siding. Another member made an anonymous donation which will help with the cost of replacing the old and dilapidated storage shed. Pat Yaros asked that those wishing to honor Steve Yaros do so by giving to the Capital Fund. We thank her for thinking of UUFP. Already some members have made generous contributions. The Fellowship appreciates these acts of giving.

The Capital Fund stands apart from the Operating Budget and is not funded through pledge donations. Contributions to the Capital Fund can be made at any time and are always welcome. Be inspired by the generous members who have seen the need and responded. When you donate to the Capital Fund you are investing in the future success of the Fellowship and helping to protect our investment in our physical property and buildings. If you are moved to make a gift please be sure to designate it for the “Capital Fund.”


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