Imagine If You Will…

Thanks to the Fellowship's Planning Committee for providing periodic updates on the UUFP Expansion progress via Pulpit Minutes and other testimonials delivered during Sunday Service and UUFP publications.

“Imagine, if you will…” Isn’t that a wonderful way to begin a story? It leaves a whole world of possibility for the listener. It’s the adult equivalent of “Once upon a time,” but it looks at what’s ahead rather than what is already past.

I’m asking you to imagine, if you will, what our congregation will look like a year, two years, even five years, in the future. Yes, at some point during that time we’ll have a new building, a new physical home, just as the congregation decided over a year ago. The imagining for what that new building will look like has already been done. As a relative newcomer to UUFP I missed out on that process, but I couldn’t agree more with the work that was accomplished!

But that’s only the beginning of our imagining what our congregation will look like in the future. A new building is only as strong as the people, the programs, the Sunday morning services, and the involvement of every member, in some way, that fill that new building.

My challenge for you is to begin imagining what UUFP will look like in the future. Will we continue to offer just the same programs we have for the past five years, or can you imagine new ways we might offer for members to be involved?

Will we continue to relate to those outside our congregation, both those on our doorstop and those in the world that exists far beyond our immediate neighborhood, city, or state, in the same way we have in the past, or will there be new possibilities that we could never have imagined in years gone by?

In fact, will we continue to relate to each other, as congregants, in the same ways, or will we need to imagine new ways to grow in wonder, connect in love, engage in service, and inspire generosity? 

I certainly don’t know the answer to those questions, but I HAVE already started imagining what might be and have started writing a list. I challenge every member to do the same; start a list, and hold onto that list, adding to it as your imagination grows. It’s only through the imagining of every member. It’s only through that imagining that UUFP will remain a growing and active part of the Peninsula.

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