Hungry Has a Face

We seem to be in a constant cycle of bad news. And some of the worst is happening right here in Tidewater with a lack of food. Almost one out of every ten citizens on the Virginia Peninsula is food insecure. That means they could have food tonight and nothing in the coming days. They have no idea about their next meal!

Imagine the stress of that life. And then realize that the truly heartbreaking part is that a significant number of these hungry people are children! At a time when their bodies require vast amounts of food, these kids don’t know if they’ll even get a sole glass of milk for dinner. Most children eat for strength, growth and brain power. Hungry kids eat just to survive.

Compounded by COVID and inflation, food insecurity has become a huge problem, and local food pantries’ resources are depleting! In support of the Virginia Peninsula Foodbank, the newly organized UUFP Foodbank Team is calling us to action by contributing food and finances to alleviate this great need!

a face!

It is
our neighbors

in need.

Food collection boxes are being provided for canned goods and other non-perishables in the UUFP sanctuary building beginning August 22, and your financial support is especially needed. Checks made payable to the “UUFP" with "Foodbank” in the memo line may be given via any Sunday Service offering or by mail to the UUFP (13136 Warwick Boulevard, Newport News, VA, 23602). Prefer the expediency of contributing electronically? Offer your financial gifts online via “Help Solve Hunger”! The good news is that the UUFP Endowment Trustees have approved a grant to match the first $500 donated to this cause, but we are rallying to exceed that amount!

Hungry has a face! It is our neighbors in need.

We CAN DO this. Let’s rise to the challenge!

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