glenn albiez


Astonishing heroes in history—the pioneers; the creative geniuses; courageous risk-takers of all ages, backgrounds and experiences who have made an impact on the world! No doubt each of us could name several, as did Sunday Morning Forum* Facilitator Rich Glenn-Albiez when he spoke about the “Heroes I Have Known.”

Some heroic feats have been so awe-inspiring that achieving them was “like climbing Mount Everest with no legs!” declares Rich.

While a debt of gratitude is owed to many legendary champions who have blazed the trail and preserved and enhanced life for us, Rich’s diverse testimonies also included the significance of the “everyday heroes” in his life. These are the people who grant intentional acts of kindness in our day to day lives—sometimes simple, sometimes subtle; but deeply meaningful nonetheless. These are the seed sowers of graciousness, of which we are the beneficiaries.

From the most famous to most obscure accounts of innovation, perseverance, self-sacrifice and kindness, we learn from history’s heroes in that we may better prepare for the future. Our brave forum facilitator describes the heroes in his life as the “saving grace for fighting the cynicism that goodness doesn’t exist.” Let us gather from the well of personal and collective strength, as we join each other in reaching for the hero that is within…so that our world will not go without!

[*11:15 – 12:15, UUFP Office Bldg.]