Henry’s Capital Campaign Testimonial

Good morning. I am Henry Chambers. I've been a member of the UUFP for 15 years now. I am currently serving as a member of the COM, denominational affairs and assisting with our PORT (People Offering Resources Together) obligations. I was honored when earlier this week Andrew asked me to give a testimonial toward our Capital Campaign. I wasn't sure what I was going to say, but as always, I figured something would come to me; so here it is.

Most of you watching or listening to this have probably already been contacted by a steward, so I thank you for your time and for your pledge. I hope you enjoy what I'm about to say. For those of you who haven't yet been contacted, I hope what I'm about to say inspires you to a greater understanding to what this Capital Campaign means to me.

This is about stories. Stories about our lives and stories that others share with us, and most importantly, the stories that we create together, as a fellowship community.

Reverend Andrew has shared with you the stories about the creation of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of the Peninsula. And about the fire and about the water and many of the things that have led us to where we are and WHO we are today.

Others have given you their testimonials. Their personal stories of what brought them to the UUFP and why it means so much to them.

Even though it's been a long time, I've had the honor of sharing my testimonial on how growing at the UUFP allowed me to find a clarity about my spirituality. That newfound understanding permitted me to express my spirituality in words. As most of us know putting things down on paper, saying them, hearing the words gives them new power, strength and life. I will be forever grateful for this.

Now when YOU add your stories to this mix, and I hope to hear you all share your stories at some time, we create the foundation upon which we are standing here, right now. It is rich, and it is beautiful, and it is fertile. Our stories, shared at the fellowship, at picnic tables, at meals, on walks, on Zoom and in our small group ministries now demands of us something anew. CHANGE.

This time of COVID-19 has been nothing but change and the challenges of life and of fellowship. Political, social and economic unrest abound. We did what we could. We voted. We protested. We took the necessary precautions to help keep us all safe. Having just decided to look for a new location for our Fellowship before COVID, we did not put this on hold. But we also realized something else about COVID-19. It gave us the perfect opportunity, in other ways, to build back better, to use a phrase I've heard lately. So, as a fellowship and as a religion, we did more. We looked inward. We took the bold step of looking at ourselves and asking the questions, what are we not doing that we should be and what are we doing that we should not. Are we practicing the expressions of faith that we believe Unitarian Universalism is about? We had the courage to ask these questions of ourselves and found ourselves lacking. So now, we are working with renewed vigor on becoming the faith and the fellowship that we truly believe we can be. Good for us! When many institutions are hunkering down, digging in their roots, here we are challenging ours and literally pulling them up. Not just believing in a better, newer course of action, but putting that into real tangible efforts.

We are change.

There it is. That's what this Capital Campaign means to me. Change. I believe in a spirituality that grows and becomes wiser as I do. I believe in a religion that isn't afraid to question itself and demands that it strives to be as good as its aspirations. And I believe in our church, the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of the Peninsula, finding our new home and growing to become a beacon of light, here where we live. Contributing to our Capital Campaign, for me, is a commitment to that change. To that new opportunity. To our new story. When asked, please give to our Capital Campaign with enthusiasm, hope and love.

May you...
Grow in Wonder
Connect in Love
Engage in Service, and 
Inspire Generosity.

Thank You!

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