Thank you for supporting the work of the Fellowship!


Caretaking of each other, our church abode, our community and our world is made possible by the covenantal gifting of our time, talent and treasures.

In addition to gifting via cash or check, Vanco's NEW, secure donation platform offers three eGiving conveniences. You may donate as a "guest" or register an account to manage your donations (with one-time and recurring donations available). Your gifts to UUFP are
 tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

1. Vanco Online

Use this "Vanco Online" donation page to support the Fellowship with your charitable donations! 

  • Click "Vanco Online."
  • Select the fund and click "Give Now."
  • Enter a donation amount, frequency (and start date, if applicable). Add to Basket. Below "Explore More Ways to Give," click "See All" to add additional funds.
  • Click "Continue to Payment."  Enter payment method (credit card, debit card or banking account information). If you sign up for a free account, you can save your payment information for future donations.
  • Review and complete donation by clicking "Submit."
This Vanco Online How-To Guide and/or 41-second video can help you get started. Should you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

NOTE: We appreciate all gifts received via the donation process of your choice.
If possible, please consider donating through your checking or savings account,
sources with significantly lower fees than using credit or debit cards.
We hope you will help us maximize your gift by choosing to contribute bank fees (via option offered at transaction checkout).
That assures that your generous contribution is fully received and utilized by UUFP for our mission together!

2. Vanco Mobile App

Communicate. Participate. Give. Vanco Mobile is a new app that helps keep members in touch, facilitates communication and activities, and makes giving easy, especially in today's virtual world. While the mobile app "engagement features" may be integrated at the Fellowship at a future time, Vanco Mobile Giving is immediately accessible for charitable donations. (The prior GivePlus Mobile app will not be supported or functional after April 30, 2022.)

  • On the free downloaded app (buttons available below) search for "Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of the Peninsula" to log in.
  • Click "Give" to select the fund, donation amount, frequency and start date, as applicable.
  • Enter payment method (i.e., credit/debit card or bank account info).  You may donate as a guest user, or create an account to set up recurring donations and view your giving history.
  • Covering processing fees is optional to increase the reach of your gift.
  • Review and complete donation by clicking "Submit."

Please review the 54 sec. video and/or the Vanco Mobile How-To Give Guide to help you get started, and download the app for free (via buttons below) for a safe, secure way to donate.

3. Vanco Text-to-Give

Convenience at your fingertips! Text-to-Give is an easy gifting method and "giving-in-the-moment" alternative for the offering during Sunday services—or any other time—when you wish to make a donation and find you don't have cash or checks on hand. All Text-to-Give gifts will be allocated to the General Fund.

  • In the "To" field of your texting app, enter: 844-336-1333.
  • In the Message/Testing block, enter donation amount (in whole numbers, no decimal points, dollar signs or text; $3.00 minimum, e.g., "3"—but no quotation marks). Click "Send."
  • Click registration link received; enter payment information the first time you Text-to-Give. Future giving will not require payment information, but you may update your payment setting by texting "edit" to the same number.
  • Receive a verification text as well as an emailed receipt.
Please view Vanco Text-to-Give How-to Video and Quick Guide, or feel free to contact our team with any questions.

Want to learn more? Pledging – Give-a-Gift and Creating a Legacy – Endowment Fund provide details about each Giving opportunity.

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