I get it; we are all exhausted. The past couple of years have been absolutely emotionally draining. We have been under a barrage of terrible news while expected to connect with other humans by staring at little screens every day.

For all the insanity out there, many of us know that’s not all there is. Why? Because we have found our tribe at or through the UUFP. Do you remember that first day you had that feeling of “Wow – these people get me” or “I can be myself here”? Personally, our UUFP community is one that makes my spouse and I feel like “these are people with whom we feel safe helping us raise our children.” That’s a big deal, right?

Just like adults, kids gain so many benefits by participating in like-minded groups. Confidence is boosted by doing activities with kids who share similar values. The UUFP creates this special situation which is, for many of us, very different from what our kids experience in school and other regular activities. Our UUFP community really is special!

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We would truly be heartbroken if our UUFP community fell apart. That is why we Work to Show Up. Being present is especially challenging these days. But if we don’t join in that Zoom, who will?  It is so sad to be the only kid in RE. It is even harder on the mama who is watching it happen. The amazingly kind and talented Ms. Joanne manages to maintain a positive attitude, but as a teacher myself, I know how disheartening it is to have an empty class.

Showing up is HARD, but we do it for those we care about and that which we want to continue. If something just isn’t working, then help us figure out what will work better. Just like marriage, committing to be on a team, or the other relationships in our lives that give us purpose and fill our hearts, being a part of our loving community will not always be easy. Heck, it is completely natural for feathers to get ruffled occasionally. What makes this group special is our ability to work through the rough times because we really do care. Our tribe is a bit of normalcy in this chaotic world. If showing up once a week is more than you can handle, then aim for every other week, or once a month. Even that much adds energy to the bigger machine of community that will then be able to remain an important force.

Please, help us keep it alive. Like any other skill, being a part of a community takes practice.  If that means staring at a little screen for a bit longer, please do, knowing that those who are staring back understand, want to help, actually want to be there for you, and appreciate you being there for them, too.

So, what keeps you from showing up, and how can we help? Do you see our UUFP community continuing to thrive, and if so, how do you picture it?


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