“Fit for a ‘King'”

Steve King



Sunday Morning Forum, in content and scope, continues to give the royal treatment to its participants. UUFP Member Steve King was no exception in the transparency and authenticity with which he delivered his story: "From the Mind of Steve: the King's Way."

From a place of deep introspection and sincerity, Steve shared about challenges in his personal journey, spanning childhood to present. Motivated by a lifelong "strong desire to improve myself," this forthright facilitator spoke of the tools and truths he developed along the way.

Tailored fit to this "King" were values which helped him build a positive self-image and make an intentional choice of being happy. "Choosing happiness," Steve relates, includes releasing regrets and trusting that broken relationships can be healed.

Steve's personal illustrations convey that it is never too late to learn a new way of thinking and doing. "Think with your heart, not just your mind," says Steve.

May this King's persevering proclamation revitalize our own commitment to self-awareness and care, in that we may, in turn, value and treat all people like royalty!


Steve King 2

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