Finding Community!

"Grow in Wonder – Connect in Love – Engage in Service – Inspire Generosity."

We believe in the human need for community and the value of growing in relationship through all aspects of our fellowship experience. Joining a group and volunteering our time and talents are among the ways we find “our people,” strengthen our connection and reach out into the world.

Inform! Connect! Involve!
1, 2, 3!

1. Communications.
Get Informed!

UUFP's resources to inform and connect our congregation with each other are many:

• UUFP Website
e-Flame Blog
• Internal and External Calendars
• Facebook groups
  ◦ UUFP News
  ◦ UUFP Social Justice Committee
  ◦ UUFP Sunday Morning Forum
  ◦ UUFP Community
• Church mailing lists
Unitarian Universalist Association website


2. Join a Group!
Get Connected!

Engaging in small group ministry provides an opportunity for nurturing connection and caring for one another, while spurring us on to create our best selves in a peaceful, fair and free world.

Peruse our small group ministries that deepen our experience of the Beloved Community:

Joining a Group
Fellowship Circles
Beloved Community Wednesdays
Music Ministry
Caring Ministry

Visit each and find your niche!

3. Volunteer!
Get Involved!

Each person is a gift and brings gifts to this fellowship. Each contribution is vital to the strength of the whole. We hope you are inspired to connect your gifts with our faith community and share in the important work serving our Peninsula neighbors in need and the larger world community.

To plug in, visit:

Volunteering is Belonging
Social Justice
Be an Agent of Change

Need help establishing these connections? Contact the Communications Committee and/or our staff.

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