Deep Listening. Connection. Understanding. Hope.

Here, today, in this place and with these people,
May we listen so that we can hear;
May we hear so that we can feel;
May we feel so that we can know; and
May we know so that we can change ourselves and this world.
May this chalice we light,
Light our Way.
By Erik Walker Wikstrom

Our Fellowship Circles comprise the UUFP’s small group ministry program. With over one-third of our membership involved, it is one of our most popular and successful programs.

Members of different ages, genders, and backgrounds meet every two weeks in groups of about ten, to listen deeply and to learn from each other’s life experiences. Topics explored are vast, e.g., “good and evil,” “gratitude,” “humor in spirituality,” "silence, serenity and strength in the time of sheltering."  The same group meets regularly for about eighteen months, giving members the opportunity to build the kind of human bonds often lacking in our society.

Small Group Ministry is a vital part of UUA and many of its congregations. Here are testimonials shared by some of our UUFP participants about what this Fellowship Circle experience means to them:

"Always Glad, Always Better"
"Priceless Intangibles"
"Sharing Our Journeys of Self-understanding"
"Where I Belong"

Prior to each 18-month cycle of Fellowship Circles (which launches in October of alternate years), we accept registrations during late summer to early fall. You can register by visiting the information table outside the Sanctuary on a Sunday morning. For more information, you can also send an e-mail to

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