February RE News: “What Are Our Next Steps For Our Garden?”


I want to thank everyone for their positive feedback to my recent sermon, “The Garden Grows the Community.” I’ve received some of the “Seeds for Thought” sheets back and would love to receive more. Just drop them off in my office or on Sunday mornings. It feels like a lot of people are interested in the idea of creating a community garden, but we need a plan in order to move forward.


​In meeting with the Religious Education (RE) Committee, they suggested starting by meeting with our Master Gardeners and other garden enthusiasts to gather information about plants and planting for our area. If you are a Master Gardener or have a green thumb, would you please contact me so that we can set up a meeting? The second suggestion was to put out a call for gardening materials, especially if we want to make some raised beds. We want to be as green as possible, re-using and repurposing materials. I could use a couple of people willing to post these requests for materials on local social networks. So if you would like to help in this way, please let me know.

Finally, I would like to get a sense from everyone in the congregation where their interests lie in helping with this project. Are you interested in planting? In maintaining, weeding, watering? Do you want to create lesson plans to teach in the garden? Would you like to be part of a mentoring team? Do you want to help build a vegetable stand? Make garden art? Create an irrigation system? Do you want to hand out flyers to neighbors letting them know how they can work with us? Do you want to lead a cooking class using the produce we grow? Do you want to research justice issues that could connect with our garden?

I think the opportunities to connect and grow with this garden are endless. So, I really want to hear from you about what things you would like to help with, support in some way, or lead. We will need plenty of “Queen bees” and “Worker bees." In addition, I would like to meet with people who are excited about getting involved with the community garden on March 3, 2019, after second service. Please come ready to share your seeds for thought with us!

See you in the RE!

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