Everyone means EVERYONE! Update from the Foodbank Crew

We’ll stop when everyone has enough to eat.

Yep! That’s the call to action from the (newly renamed) UUFP Foodbank Crew—that passionate team of folks who encourages your support in ending hunger on the Greater Virginia Peninsula and beyond!

“As of 2021, Virginia’s food insecurity rate stands at 8.1%, meaning that over 704,000 people had to worry where their next meal would come from on any given day. And of that over 704,000, more than 164,000 children, or 8.8%, are facing food insecurity. This is particularly devastating to children whose ability to learn is negatively impacted by hunger.”

-Federation of Virginia Food Banks; Virginia Peninsula Foodbank

The Foodbank Crew implores your support in this worthy cause.

Last year, we experienced an unexpectedly successful year in terms of raising funds and collecting goods for the Virginia Peninsula Foodbank. In addition to the usual donated food items, we discovered a significant need for baby food and even pet food! (We realized that we could be more sympathetic by providing food for beloved pets. After all, pets are considered part of the family.)

This year, with your invaluable assistance, we aim to accomplish even more. More food. More funds. In fact, we encourage selecting the “recurring gift” option through Vanco, which allows the convenience of “set it and forget it,” as your monetary gifts make an impact on a regular basis. If we appear a tad ambitious, it is because our intentions are focused on those who truly depend on us.

School starts on Monday, August 29, and once again, we will be there supporting the Foodbank as they supply backpacks filled with nourishing food every Friday afternoon.


The Foodbank Crew thanks you for your continued partnership in helping our neighbors in need! Let us forge ahead until everyone has enough to eat…EVERYONE!