Equipping the Vision – UUFP Expansion

Dreaming largely…realizing our vision…living out our mission to
“Grow in Wonder, Connect in Love, Engage in Service, Inspire Generosity”!


We thank all of you for your part in making a way forward for the future of our faith!

Your response to the Outside Consulting Fund enthusiastically reached our goal and beyond!

The UUFP Planning Committee continues to work diligently, with Consultant Mark Ewert, in leading us in this visionary journey!

As we press onward, various UUFP publications keep us informed and energized on next steps.


Investment in the full health of our Beloved Community...this deepening engagement...where each of us invests fully in the heart and soul of being UU here on the Peninsula. This is called Stewardship.

-Jim Sanderson

For more information from the UUFP Planning Committee, please see
Bringing Vision to Life & UUFP Expansion.

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