eFlame Guidelines

Who can write for or participate on the eFlame/blog?
Anyone! Ideally, we would like one person from every committee and group at UUFP to take photos of their events and send them with a narrative of who, what, where, when and why for posting to: eflame@uufp.org. This will grow interest and increase participation in your events going forward. We are also always looking for proofers, photographers and editors to lend a helping hand!

What kind of information can I submit for the eFlame?
We have changed from "announcement" type posts on the eFlame blog to "article" type posts. More specifically, articles contain more details or even a story about an event or experience—news of some longevity rather than an announcement about an upcoming committee meeting. Articles often "paint a picture" from the author’s perspective.
If you have an announcement, please submit an Announcement Form.

What are some examples of topics I would submit for posting in the eFlame?
Article litmus test: Generally, ask yourself if the article will still be relevant for a visitor to read in 90+ days from when it was posted?

  • Follow-up articles from an event (preferably with photos).
  • Announcement articles that go into some depth in relating the announced activity to the mission of UUFP.
  • Inspiring life journey/creative articles.
  • Articles that evoke interest and inspire readers to participate.
  • Topics that update the fellowship regarding ‘what’s going on’ in all our different committees and groups.
  • Please include photos, relevant URLs or links to illustrate the topic.

eFlame style guide:
Please ensure your article follows these guidelines.

  • Articles must be submitted in a legible font, size 12 
  • Titles: Bold, size 20
  • Subtitles: Italics, size 16
  • Headers: Bold, size 14
  • One space after punctuation

The e-Flame team has the right to alter the above guidelines when necessary.

When is the eFlame Deadline?
There is no deadline! When you feel your article is ready for the masses just email it out, with the images, attachments, videos, etc. of your choice, to our eFlame team (eflame@uufp.org). They will do their best to post it within 72 hours of receipt. Please note, the eFlame team reserves the right to reject or omit any photos or articles that do not meet UUFP Principles.

Who can post their own article?
At this time, only the Policy Board, Staff and Communication Committee can post directly onto the blog. Please note that the eFlame team reserves the right to make adjustments to the format of any post when the need arises.

Who can I contact if I have more questions?
Contact your Communications Chair or eFlame Team with any questions, comments, and/or concerns.

How can I receive all the articles in my email?
In the footer of this eFlame page (or any page) on the UUFP website simply provide your email address and click the "Contact and Subscribe" button listed under "Receive the latest UUFP news!" You may opt out at any time from the comfort of your own computer.

How can I view a monthly edition of the eFlame online?
Visit uufp.org/e-flame-blog at your leisure.



Last updated: 18 May 2020


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