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Sunday Services take place in person at 11am in the Sanctuary. You can also connect via NEW LINK or NEW NUMBER +1-646-558-8656 with Meeting ID 925 7319 2997. Please

Greetings friends, Thank you for your active participation in exploring possible names for our congregation as we emerge into this time of moving and change (See the May 6 eFlame

Everyone is excited about the possibilities of the expanded use of the new building. The Outreach and Community Team is no exception; it’s teeming with ideas. Some of the ideas

Imagine this: Your child is sitting in a classroom of 30 kids. Now, imagine that four of those kids — their friends, their classmates — are going hungry. They don’t

Friends, thank you for your inspiration and for sharing literally dozens of possible names for our congregation. From the April 28 Forum to our online Name Submission Form, to the

The long wait is over at last. The new UUFP website is finally live! “What changed?” The first thing you’re likely wondering is, “What changed…and why?” First, everything should look

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